Law Office of Mark H. Achilles
510 E. Main Street, Humble, TX 77338 
Tel:  281 446 4647
Fax: 281 446 4464

Bankers, Lenders & Note Holders

Bankers and other lenders have found themselves in a rapidly changing marketplace. Underlying these market factors is the need for bankers and lenders to approach daily situations with traditional and seasoned principles. 


The Law Office of Mark H. Achilles has established a reputation for understanding the banking community and for providing bankers and lenders with dependable, timely and common sense legal support. We promote a personal relationship with each lending institution so every legal matter is handled quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.

Our firm understands that lenders and noteholders are in the business of money management and we are sensitive to the cost of legal services. Many lenders have experienced more money leaving the vault to lawyers than what has been returned in terms of benefit. Since our fees are lower than the market rate for legal services of the same quality, we accept the daily challenge of providing cost efficient service.


Our usual services to bankers, lenders and financial companies include:

            1.   Loan negotiation, support and documentation;

2.   Defending lenders in liability suits;

3.   Aggressive loan collection;

4.   Retrieving collateral and protection of lien position; and

5.   Retrieval of money and collateral in bankruptcy.

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