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Commercial Property Owners & Managers


The business of owning and managing commercial property is a tough business. Even minor decisions regarding maintenance, taxes, rent collection and lease negotiations have a significant impact on the profit margin.


In today's business environment, knowledgeable and effective lawyer support is a necessity. The Law Office of Mark H. Achilles understands the underlying problems of commercial property ownership and management and are able to provide timely and cost-effective legal support. 

Mark H. Achilles has represented national and regional shopping centers and apartment communities for more than 30 years.  Our firm has established a reputation among commercial property owners and managers for understanding the nuts and bolts of their business and for providing them with the legal support and information they need to operate more efficiently and profitably.


Our usual services to commercial property owners include:

            1.   Lease negotiation support and documentation;

2.   Defending property owners and managers in court;

3.   Aggressive past due rent collection;

4.   Retrieving property and protection of lien position;

5.   Preventing the removal of liened property; and

6.   Collection of money and property in bankruptcy

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