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Community Associations

In Texas, most community associations are nonprofit corporations charged with the responsibility of maintaining the quality of living in their communities. A community association is a business and, like every business, the association must approach the job it has to do in a businesslike manner to insure that maintenance fees are collected, that deed restrictions are regularly enforced and that the objectives of the community are achieved.


Over the years, Mark H. Achilles has established a reputation for understanding the problems facing homeowners and community associations and for becoming actively involved in advising association members and energetically representing the association in collecting maintenance fees and enforcing deed restrictions. To assist association board members in understanding their legal responsibilities and liabilities, we establish a close relationship between the board and the property manager.


Our usual services to community associations include:

            1.   Forming and reorganizing community associations;

2.   Providing legal and common sense advice to associations in planning and solving problems;

3.   Negotiating service contracts and contract disputes;

4.   Resourceful representation of associations in builder/developer disputes; and

5.   Aggressive enforcement of deed restrictions and collection of maintenance fees.


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