Law Office of Mark H. Achilles
510 E. Main Street, Humble, TX 77338 
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Commercial & Residential Construction Industry

Many transactions take place in the construction of property improvements involving lenders, architects, general contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, appraisers and others.  The Law Office of Mark H. Achilles understands the laws affecting the construction industry, such as the Texas mechanics lien statutes, and our firm is equipped to handle the complexities of construction disputes and related lawsuits.


Mr. Achilles has been actively involved in construction law since 1977 and has established a reputation for understanding the commercial and residential construction industries and for effectively representing owners, contractors, suppliers and architects in disputes. Having represented many such companies, we have a skill for negotiating contracts which attempt to clearly define the responsibilities of the owners, builders and suppliers.  We have also developed expertise in negotiating disputes and for providing effective litigation support to enforce a contract or defend a client in complicated disputes.


Our usual services to owners, contractors, and suppliers include:

            1.   Negotiating and documenting construction agreements;

2.   Negotiating disputes between owners, contractors, architects and suppliers;
            3.   Preparation and filing of mechanic liens;
            4.   Preparation and filing of claims involing surety companies; and

5.   Aggressive representation of owners, contractors, architects and suppliers in litigation.

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