Law Office of Mark H. Achilles
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Corporations & Business Owners

These days, corporate leaders and business owners must negotiate and document each transaction with great care. The experienced business person realizes that an experienced lawyer is a great asset to insure the company's legal position and protect the company if a dispute arises. Unfortunately, many lawyers are known as "deal killers" and owners complain because their lawyer does not return telephone calls, works too slow and bills too much.


The Law Office of Mark H. Achilles is a different kind of business law firm. Although we protect a client by noting any legal or common sense limitations which exist, we take it an extra step. Our firm accepts the challenge of assisting a client in reaching the original goal while working around limitations whenever possible. Each day we earn our reputation for taking a sincere and active interest in client business affairs and working out solutions to tough problems.


Our usual services to corporations and business clients include:

            1.   Forming, merging and dissolving businesses (corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships);

2.   Aggressive representation in law suits and disputed claims of all types, ranging from disputes between
                  businesses (and business people) to disputes between owners as well as contract enforcement, 
                  collections and bankruptcy;

3.   Representing businesses in negotiating contracts;

4.   Negotiating and documenting real estate transactions; and

5.   Advice to businesspeople on special business problems.

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