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Medical & Health Care Organizations

Every day incredible advances are made in the development of improved health care systems. Texas has become the home of major medical research and health care providing companies who operate in a fast paced and complex environment. 


Because of the complex issues and unique transactions in which medical and health care service companies are involved, business people who manage these companies need lawyer support which is knowledgeable and responds quickly and forcefully when a legal question or possible dispute arises. 


Mark H. Achilles has demonstrated an ability to be adaptable and creative in rapidly changing situations in a way that keeps up with the pace of modern medical and health care business.   Our firm routinely deals with the complexities of Physician Employment Agreements (including non-compeition provisions), development agreements and employe relations.


Our usual services to medical companies and providers include:

            1.   Forming, merging and dissolving businesses (professional associations, corporation, limited liability
                  companies and partnerships);

2.   Drafting of Physician Employment Agreements
            3.   Aggressive representation in law suits and disputed claims of all types ranging from disputes between
                  businesses (and business people) to disputes between owners as well as contract enforcement,  
                  collections and bankruptcy;

4.   Representing physicians and medical groups in negotiating contracts;

5.   Asserting or defending claims of right to property interests.

6.   Advice on special business problems.

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