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Retailers, Suppliers & Manufacturers


As business and consumer markets grow and expand in Texas, retailers, suppliers and manufacturers will undergo important changes. The rapidly changing marketplace is causing business people in retail, supply and manufacturing organizations to become more competitive as exemplified by the increasing efforts of companies at trade shows and conventions.

In order to meet the increasing pressures and demands of the marketplace, retailers have improved the quantity and quality of their advertising and marketing. Wholesalers have placed increasing pressure on manufacturers and suppliers to provide products and materials at lower costs in order to insure a better profit margin.


The Law Office of Mark H. Achilles has established a reputation among retailers, suppliers and manufacturers for understanding the business of supplying goods and services to customers. Each day we prove to our clients that we understand their contracts and the laws which affect them.  We are known for our sensible, creative, and professional ability in representing a client company.


Our usual services to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers include:

            1.   Aggressive contract enforcement including collection of unpaid accounts receivable;

2.   Defending retailers, suppliers and manufacturers in lawsuits;

3.   Asserting claims to property, retrieving property and protection of lien position;

4.   Collection of money and property in bankruptcy; and
            5.   Consultation on general business and legal matters.

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